24th September 2019


My name is Kevin Bermingham and it’s my personal mission to help business owners, entrepreneurs and specialists to become published authors. We’ve all dreamed of becoming an author but sadly, most of us fail. We miss out on the credibility it will give us but worse, we don’t get our message out to help more people than we could ever talk to one-to-one.

I’ve met many aspiring authors who were failing and it inspired me to help – because I could. I was once a corporate project manager, planning and managing multi-million pound projects for nearly 20 years. So I just used those skills to create a fool-proof plan for writing a book that’s easy, painless and fast!

I’ve written two books of my own and my goal is to help 100 aspiring authors to publish their own book. So far, I’ve helped my authors to plan, write and publish 33 books. Kevin Bermingham

Times are tough in business today so every business leader and expert needs a competitive edge to stay ahead of the crowd. That’s why everyone wants to raise their personal profile to become the expert in their field. For example, I frequently meet entrepreneurs who are convinced they have a ‘book in them’ that would really enhance their credibility – and their income – unfortunately they never seem to get into print.

I believe that everyone on Earth has a personal skill, knowledge or experience that someone else needs – and would pay to learn about!

In fact, never in the whole of human history has it been easier for ordinary people to write and publish a book about what they know. From my experience, almost anyone can become a published author because – whether they know it or not – they’re already an expert in some topic. And so any book they write on that topic will enhance their credibility and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Kevin's Certificate IMCI’m a Certified Management Consultant, with a degree in computing and an MBA. So I know how to get stuff done!

I’ve trained, mentored and coached over 1,000 people to achieve their goals. In the last 25 years, I planned and managed multi-million pound projects for blue chip UK corporations. I’ve since authored two books and founded a book publishing company that put 22 books on Amazon within it’s first 12 months alone. How?

I’ve developed a simple fool-proof project plan, proven to get your book out of your head within just 90 days.

My published authors have all enhanced their personal credibility and left their business competitors far behind. Some of them, like Helen Turier, Alun Richards and Martin Cornes had problems that previously got in their way; lack of time, procrastination, overwhelm, or self-limiting beliefs, to name but a few. Each had unsuccessfully attempted to write a book in the past. Yet they all came on my programme and followed my proven step-by-step plan – and now they’re published authors. Some of my authors have even developed their own seminars, workshops, and online courses to teach the topics they wrote about in their books. Now they can easily share their personal skill, knowledge or experience with more people than they ever could before. You see, becoming a published author really enhances your credibility – overnight!

My authors always tell me how I left them feeling elated when they first held their book in their hand, then bursting with pride whenever someone buys a copy.

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Perhaps you know people like Helen, Alun, or Martin; people who want to raise their profile but suffer from similar problems? If so, perhaps you could do them a big favour and suggest they download a complimentary chapter from my latest book.

Meanwhile, I look forward to reading your book one day.





Helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Specialists to Become Published Authors